• To be the primary Construction Contractor and Earthmoving Equipment organization, which delivers service with the utmost efficiency and greatest solutions for our clients in South Africa.


• To revolutionize construction and agricultural methods and growth rate using the best form of technology, conducive systems in place at the same time being cost effective, yet maintain value for money for our clients


The business takes accountable decisions to itself and clients at all times.

The Company commits itself to:

• Executing work precisely the first time;
• Using the best accessible and appropriate equipment and techniques;
• Associating itself with upstanding organizations and employing people with requisite skills;
• Value for money and professionalism;
• Promotion and involvement of skills development within the entity and community;
• Promoting disabled individuals and women empowerment in the Construction and
Earthmoving Equipment Industry.
• Being occupation health and safety savvy, environmental contentious and protective at all